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 Shandong Wantong Petrochemical Group recruitment pamphlets

  First. Introduction
  Shandong Wantong Petrochemical Group, founded in 1998, the total assets of 18.2 billion yuan, more than 3,000 employees, has more than 10 wholly-owned and holding companies, business scope covers petrochemicals, fine chemicals, shipping ports, bonded tank, refined oil several industries, wholesale and retail, real estate buyers, petroleum equipment, modern logistics, one of China's top 500 private enterprises, China's top 500 manufacturing, 100 enterprises in Shandong Province. In 2014, the company output value exceeded 23.6 billion yuan, profits of 1.53 billion yuan.
  After ten years of development, Wantong Group formed a "petrochemical and fine chemical sectors", "bonded warehousing and shipping dock plate", "retail and real estate home plate" of "three plate" industrial layout. Petrochemical company's existing 6.5 million tons / year of raw material pretreatment project, 1.8 million tons / year of high-grade heavy traffic asphalt dewaxing unit, 600,000 tons / year of heavy components modified asphalt joint means 1.2 million tons / year delayed coking unit , 800,000 tons / year of gasoline and diesel increase hydrogen combination unit, 100,000 tons / year of gas separation and 15,000 tons / year of MTBE combination unit, catalytic gasoline and diesel quality upgrading project (including gasoline hydrogenation capacity of 800,000 tons / year, diesel hydrogenation capacity of 100 tons / year), 1.4 million tons / year continuous reforming project, 1.8 million tons / year DCC combined device and wastewater recycling exhaust joint plant project (50,000 tons / year sulfur recovery combined with means 20,000 square gas cabinets, etc.)。
  Second, corporate culture
  The spirit of enterprise: unity, dedication, hard work, conscientiously
  Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, pragmatism, dedication
  Enterprise style: things today, today completed, true to its word, line must be fruit, vigorous and resolute
  Corporate values: people make a significant contribution to the company is the company's owner
  Enterprise purpose: the common development of enterprises and workers and common development of enterprises and society
  Employing the concept: people-oriented, common development; capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe
  Service principles: honesty, customer first
  Third, the company wages, benefits
  1, wages
  1) The new recruits a month trial period, 2,200 yuan / month;
  2) training period (2-6 months), 2,500 yuan / month;
  3) for six months, 2,700 yuan / month;
  4) Full-year 2800 yuan / month;
  5) at least two years, 3,000 yuan / month.
  Wages above the basic salary, plus post salary (200-4000 yuan / month range), seniority wages, technology subsidies (500-900 dollars), night shift allowance. After the trial period, the company unified examination, successful applicants are eligible for promotion. Late payment of year-end bonuses based on company benefits and job incumbency.
  2, the company provides free air conditioning Quadruple (Internet access, unified payment bedding), the company has a staff dining room, bathroom;
  3, the production workshop four classes three down, rest eight days per month; enjoy national holidays, paid monthly labor supplies, pay the pension, health care and other "dangerous";
  4, the company developed 140-220 square meters and housing benefits, workers enjoy the purchase cost, more than two years seniority who, according to their positions or duties enjoy housing subsidies 2-10 million range;
  5, the company offers a staff activity center, library, table tennis room, basketball court, every major holiday goods payment of benefits, and organizational staff hold recreational activities or travel;
  6, the company has a shuttle bus to the West Dongying, Zibo and Dongying Port every day.
  7, promotion path:
  Chemical operators - monitor - section chief - deputy director - director - vice president of production - turn top line promotion
  Chemical Operator - Technician - Junior Technician - Intermediate Technician - Advanced Technician
  Office Clerk - director - deputy director - director - vice president of logistics - turn top line promotion
  Fourth, recruiters and requirements

Careers Professionals required quantity Claim
Chemical operations division Chemical Engineering and Technology, petrochemical production technology, applied chemistry, oil and gas transportation and other related professionals 50 College and above
Electrically operated instrument division Electrical instrumentation automation, process control, computer and other related professionals 30 College and above
Sales Business management, marketing, trade and other related professionals 5 College and above
civilian Secretary, and the Chinese words literature, public utilities management and other related professional 10 College and above
  Fifth,prepare ingredient

CV 1, ID card or a copy of the two, one inch color hat recent photograph 4; available online agency, organization unified examination, uniform for a residence permit, settled and other procedures, can receive files.
  Sixth,contact information

        Contact: Ms. Yan 13589430055
  Recruitment Phone: 0546-8285777,6093709
  Recruitment mail: wtrlzyb@126.com
  Address: Dongying City, Shandong Province, Dongying District history Hao pure mouth Industrial Park Road West (West Dongying can take 19 Road, 134 bus directly)。


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