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     The spirit of enterprise: unity, dedication, hard work, conscientiously

  Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, performance, harmony
  Enterprise style: things today, today completed, true to its word, line must be fruit, vigorous and resolute

  Enterprise atmosphere: everyone masters whose work is entertainment
  Corporate values: people make a significant contribution to the company is the company's owner

  Enterprise purpose: the common development of enterprises and workers and common development of enterprises and society
  Service side pin: honesty, customer first
  Business purpose: to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development
  With the corporate culture to form a scientific and effective incentive mechanism for employees to achieve self-worth to build a platform for fair competition, so that the concept of employee behavior and into the corporate vision, thus promoting the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.
  Group of Companies in harmony and win-win, people-oriented concept of corporate culture, tried to create a good and harmonious cultural environment. Residential construction companies for workers to solve the housing problem of workers; construction of a high-quality staff apartments equipped with staff room, has a library, classrooms, table tennis room, etc; holidays organized basketball, table tennis, chess and other recreational activities, improve the living environment of workers, enriching the cultural life of leisure of workers.




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