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Petroleum and Chemical Group Shandong About MassMutual

    Shandong Wantong Petrochemical Group was established in 1998, the registered capital of 528 million yuan, total assets of 4 billion, more than 1500 employees, covers an area of 700 acres, is a petrochemical, fine chemical-based products, scope of product coverage oil wholesale, wholesale coal, construction, machinery manufacturing, modern logistics industry and commerce and more integrated energy production and operation of enterprise groups. 
    Since its establishment, the spirit of "integrity, innovation, performance, harmony," the core management philosophy, spirit of "pioneering, truth-seeking, and dedication," the spirit of enterprise, quality of survival, reputation and development, production scale and efficiency in recent years been expansion, from 2000, only some of a 200,000 tons / year oxidized asphalt plant, the development to the existing 2.3 million tons / year asphalt dewaxing unit, 1.2 million tons / year delayed coking unit, 800,000 tons / year increase gasoline and diesel hydrogen plant, 600,000 tons / year modified bitumen fractions combined device, 300,000 tons of light hydrocarbon chemical combination unit, 100,000 tons / year gas points and 30 thousand tons / year MTBE combination unit, a processing capacity of 2.3 million tons, comprehensive processing capacity of more than 500 million tons. As enterprises to continue to grow, production, supply and integration imperative, since 2009 has, wantong Group has acquired and more than 20 new gas stations. Group 2010, output exceeded 7.6 billion yuan, and paid all taxes 4.97 billion yuan. 
    Companies in the petrochemical industry based on the basis of the implementation of diversification. Established in 2007, Dongying Li Yuen Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. covers an area of 230 acres, is a professional manufacturer of special seamless steel tubes business. Li Yuen Yi Chih Will the new management industry special seamless steel pipe project, total investment of 1.338 billion yuan, annual output of 480,000 tons engineering design, construction of the project works in two phases, an easy to Chile Will φ159 special seamless steel pipe production line design annual output of 150,000 tons, investment 350 million yuan, has completed the investment of nearly 300 million yuan; 2 Yi Zhi Will φ273 special seamless steel pipe production line of annual output of 330,000 tons, investment 980 million yuan, is a construction project extension, completed with a seamless steel pipe to form a complete production system, will greatly enhance their overall competitiveness. In addition, the company invested 200 million yuan in Heze Wu Li Chengwu built into the project through chemical, into the arms Toshimichi Petrochemical Company is a production, logistics and retail, the joint-stock Co., Ltd., the company is located in Shandong, Anhui, Henan, the junction of four provinces of Jiangsu, regional location is excellent and broad development prospects. 
     Environmental protection is the life, is an essential part. Wantong Group, the spirit of "million hearts unite, the path to glory" development philosophy, and actively practice the "pursuit of excellence, and fully committed to pay back the community" promise, while in the grasp of production management, effective social responsibility. Combination of industry characteristics, give prominence to environmental protection, environmental protection continue to increase investment, has invested 30 million yuan building a 2.4 million tons / year of sewage treatment plants and sodium hydrosulfide and other devices, to achieve synchronous production, synchronization testing, waste water, waste gas All discharge standards. Meanwhile, in February 2010 the company invested 160 million yuan started construction of the dry gas burning project, which will be effective use of dry gas burned to generate steam and use steam power, to achieve renewable energy, recycling, protecting the environment at the same time companies to save costs, create better economic and environmental benefits. Construction of environmental protection facilities for the company to create a good living environment for the healthy and rapid development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. 

    Over the years, Wantong Group actively committed to social welfare services. Wantong Group financed the construction of homes for the elderly, active participation "private enterprises to help the village, village enterprises build" in order to fight against "SARS" contributions, donations for the South snow and ice storms, for earthquake relief donations, donations every year for the provincial federations Meanwhile, Wantong group insisted local workers, laid-off workers and the principle of giving priority to employment veterans for many years financed the resident migrant workers, laid-off workers for training, to address local surplus labor force of more than 300 people to realize the common development of local and enterprise and harmonious development. Since 2002, MassMutual Group Helping rural development, public welfare, on love and charity donations total more than 800 million. 
    Wantong Group in the growing contribution of the same time, overall strength and social awareness rising, many times by the provinces has been awarded as "municipal civilized unit", "Customer Satisfaction Unit in Dongying City," "advanced product quality Dongying City unit "and" municipal safe production advanced unit "and" municipal environmental-friendly enterprises "," municipal AAA credit enterprise "," Shandong Labor Relationship, "Shandong" Health Cup "winning business," the provincial Code contract heavy credit enterprise "," integrity management of private enterprises in Shandong Province "," Advanced Unit of Shandong Province energy conservation, "and so on. 


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