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Dear leaders, industry colleagues, friends and the community at all levels:
    Hello everyone! 

  Since Shandong Wantong Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been to follow the "quality of survival, technology and development" business philosophy and "people-oriented, advocating environmental protection, production safety, resource conservation, and sustainable development" concept of enterprise development, open up innovative, pragmatic, and achieved significant economic benefits, it has become embedded in the Yellow River Delta, a shining pearl.
  Faced with fierce competition in the market, is facing more challenges, only keeping pace with the times, striving for more rapid development, will be invincible, we will seize the opportunity, innovation, friends and the community live of the company's expectations.
  The company has been led since its inception and friends of all levels of government and the strong support of all walks of life to pay close attention, so far, I would like on behalf of the company all staff to give support and care group leaders and foreign friends to express my sincere gratitude.
  In retrospect, we confident, look to the future, we full of passion, we will continue to follow the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" purposes, with constant innovation, scientific management, strict quality, excellent service, good reputation, for your dedicated service.


                                            Chairman: Wang Jun 




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