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Fire Security Department of parking management plan

来源:未知编辑:admin发布日期:2015-11-19 08:29

导读:July 10 to July 12, 2015 7th Annual Oil Shandong Province Trade Fair held in the city, more than a thousand experts and companies from outside the province, the representative body of participants, and the current downturn in the oil indust

  Recently, due to staff vehicles increased significantly, the company parking congestion, Luantingluanfang phenomenon, fire security department on these issues remediation plan accordingly.

  The plan focuses on governance staff dormitory, Quality Control Center and other hospital and offsite road parking area was planned renovation, organized by the Security Department personnel crossed the construction of centralized public parking. Wantong Chemical Company to further improve regional environmental outlook to ensure the orderly vehicle emissions, smooth road while avoiding the fire channel is occupied, the vehicle collision and other issues, not only bring convenience, but also improve the plant Anbao Jiang degrees.



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