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Provincial support model city annual evaluation group to ins

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导读:May 17, 2015 is the twenty-fifth official China Disabled Day, this years theme is: care to help people with disabilities achieve better Chinese dream. To carry forward the humanitarian spirit, promote good helping the disabled in society, t

  July 4 morning, the provincial double-support model city annual evaluation group who came to inspect and guide the Group I double-support work in Hong, deputy head of section and other relevant leaders. Group Chairman Wang Jun, general manager of Group F, Liang Hao, deputy party secretary Wang Jianfeng Group Corporation and other leaders accompanied inspection.

  Since its establishment, always keep in mind the work of national defense and mutual support, one solid policy implementation resettlement of demobilized soldiers. Over the years, adhere to the principle of giving priority to employment of veterans, veterans currently enrolled nearly 200 people. Second, actively support the forces barracks building. Annual "August" Army Day, the group leader will visit the Garrison Forces soldiers. The company also established a point of contact with the troops, "taught in the barracks, came back to build a new power", regularly organizes job fairs, to solve the employment problems of veterans. Third, innovative military enterprise cooperation, military build model to promote the development of military and civilian integration. Armed Forces Group established oil and ground support teams of 49 people, as an opportunity to carry out national defense education activities every year. Group has also set up a full-time fire department. Invested 1.2 million yuan, the construction of the fire floor, 2200 square meters, the investment of 800 million yuan, it is equipped with a high pressure jet of fire engines and other fire equipment, fully accepted business management urban fire brigade. From time to time with the city, district fire brigade put out the fire surrounding fire team combat exercise to further strengthen the full-time firefighters Fire basic skills and tactical training, while promoting harmonious civil-military exchanges. Fourth, actively carry out corporate social responsibility. Up to now, the company is in the village enterprises build, donate, earthquake relief, charity and other social public welfare donations accumulated more than 5,000 yuan. He has won the "Most Caring enterprises in Shandong Province", "Shandong Province top ten private enterprises with the help of village business model", "The Second China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award" honor, chairman Wang Jun has also been rated as "advanced enthusiastic charitable Shandong Province individual "," Shandong Top Ten Public harmonious fashion figures ", the" filial respect Star "and" outstanding demobilized veterans "and other honorary titles.

  Inspection team fully affirmed the company's double-support for my work, I hope to continue to strengthen its Wantong Group guidance, strengthening the foundation of double-support work, vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of supporting the army owned genus continue military interaction, to build the brand, and constantly Innovative double support content rich, fully grasp the implementation of policies and regulations to promote the development of military integration depth, and embark on a road of mutual support distinctive characteristics.



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